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Delve into the fascinating world of Professor Calculus with this French softback book. Authored by Michael Farr, it offers fun facts and quizzes about the endearing character. A must-have for Tintin enthusiasts, join the adventure and collect Tintin, Milou, and Haddock editions. The book measures 21 x 21 cm.


Professor Calculus

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Embark on an exploration of the brilliant mind and eccentricities of Professor Calculus with this captivating French softback book. Authored by Michael Farr, the book is a treasure trove of fun facts and quizzes that shed light on the endearing character’s quirks and genius. A delightful addition to the collection for Tintin enthusiasts, this book invites readers to delve into the intellectual escapades of Professor Calculus. Along the Tournesol series, it complements editions featuring Tintin, Milou, and Haddock. The book, measuring a convenient 21 x 21 cm, ensures an engaging and informative journey into the Tintin universe.

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