The idea for a shop totally devoted to “Tintin” started here at 34 Floral St. Covent Garden, London in 1984. In those early days the merchandise was very limited; greetings cards, postcards, posters, plastic figures and of course the books.

The books were the main inspiration, to have one place where you could find the complete collection of the adventure albums. Number 34 Floral Street did just that and soon the product range expanded, bringing the drawings of Hergé into our everyday lives through a whole range of items.

Today you can find limited edition models in resin and metal as well as a superb collection of die cast model aeroplanes bringing to life Hergé’s evident appreciation of all vehicles.

The shop remains the first stop for anything to do with Tintin. The website strives to reflect the experience of visiting number 34 Floral Street.

We try our best to offer total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us using the link on the store page.

If you wish to receive regular updates regarding news from the shop, new products, promotions, special events etc. please contact us.