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About Tintin! Where do you start, with when he was first introduced by Hergé on the 10th of January 1929 or two if you read the books in chronological order you get to travel the globe (okay some not real) and the cosmos.

You just cannot deny the sheer appeal of one small boy reporter and his dog, knocking into shape any bad thing around the world. Like Superman or even Alice in Wonderland he manages to bring that magical something as he steps out or hi jacks a car.

To even explain what there is to know about Tintin you need to read one of the adventures. Its all there its extremely easy to take in, just focus!

Tintin and his companions are a beguiling bunch each adding their colour to Herger’s masterful play with the world around us.

As a cultural product Herger’s creation comes out of the frame making the books the most important element, so let us keep reading them.

And if you want to know more about Herger’s hero here are some useful books to explain better than me who Tintin is.

The Complete Companion Michale Farr

The Art of Hergé Vol 1,2, 3 Phillipe Goddin

Tintin by Harry Thompson

About Tintin

Where can we even start? He was first introduced by Hergé on the 10th January 1929, and after close to a century and 24 albums, Tintin is still going strong to this day! There’s not a much better feeling than to sit down and travel the globe, the sea and the cosmos in these extraordinary adventures.

With Tintin, you only need to read one single adventure to understand that, like Superman or Alice in Wonderland, he just has that special something. It’s impossible to deny the sheer appeal and charm of the boy reporter and his dog.

From Tintin’s unwavering curiosity to Captain Haddock’s blustering charm, Herge’s companions are a beguiling bunch, each masterfully brought to life – they truly extend beyond the page. They are cultural cornerstones, inviting us to return again and again, so let us pick up a volume, delve into Herge’s world, and keep the stories alive.

If you would like to know more about Herge’s hero, the following are some fantastic books to explain better than us, who Tintin really is: The Complete Companion by Michael Farr, The Art of Hergé Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3, all by Phillipe Goddin, and lastly, Tintin by Harry Thompson.

The idea for a shop totally devoted to “Tintin” started here at Floral St. Covent Garden, London.

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Our shop is open from 11am til 4pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12am til 4pm on Sundays.

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