The Calculus Affair


Initially published in French in 1956 and later in English in 1960, this narrative revolves around Professor Calculus’s invention, an ultrasonic device with immense destructive potential. When the Bordurian government kidnaps Calculus in Geneva due to the apparatus, Tintin and Captain Haddock embark on a mission to track him down. Present editions differ across publishers like Egmont and Farshore, showcasing varied cover illustrations.


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Emerging first in French print in 1956 before finding its English rendition in 1960, this gripping tale centres on the groundbreaking invention of Professor Calculus—a long-distance weapon of immense destruction, the ultrasonic apparatus. The Bordurian government’s interest in this powerful creation prompts a sinister turn of events when Calculus is abducted in Geneva.

The narrative unfurls as Tintin and his unwavering companion, Captain Haddock, plunge into a high-stakes pursuit to rescue the kidnapped professor and safeguard the dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands. Their quest for justice leads them through a maze of intrigue and danger, testing their courage and resourcefulness at every turn.

In the present day, this captivating tale experiences variations in its presentation across editions, transitioning between publishers such as Egmont and Farshore. Each edition bears distinct cover illustrations that capture the essence of the story’s intrigue and suspense. The provided image serves as a visual teaser, offering a glimpse into the narrative’s thrilling escapade without being specific to any particular edition.

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