Coffret – First 3 Colourised Editions in French


Coffret-First 3 Colourised editions in French. This superb box set unites the original versions of Tintin’s first three adventures now revitalised with vibrant new colours. Published by Tintinimaginatio SA and Casterman SA. The colourisation done by Tintinimaginatio, maintains Hergé’s original lines while introducing a fresh palette.

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This superb box set brings together the initial trio of Tintin’s adventures. so, here is Tintin au Pays Des Soviets, Tintin au Congo and Tintin en Amérique in a neat slip cover.

Made even more awesome as from their original form they have been colourised. The new colours added to the careful black line of Hergé’s creation are captivating. Published in collaboration by Tintinimaginatio SA and Casterman SA.

Compiled from Le Petit Vingtième’s publications between January 1929 and October 1932, these plates stand as precious artefacts. Its from these first three adventures Hergé’s elegant style would flourish, notably from The Blue Lotus onwards, are visibly sown.

The scope of this ambitious colourisation campaign will cover the initial nine albums published sequentially in Le Petit Vingtième and subsequently in Le Soir-Jeunesse. Each of these volumes is introduced by a thought-provoking preface. These source materials will enrich readers with insights into the genesis of these timeless stories.

About this Box Set:

  • Tintin au Pays Des Soviets
  • 18 pages of préface 138 planches
  • Tintin au Congo
  • 17 pages of préface 110 plances
  • Tintin en Amérique
  • 19 pages of préface 120 plances
  • Set of 3 in soft cover slip cover
  • All hard back editions
  • Art paper in colour
  • Co published by Tintinimaginatio SA and Casterman SA.

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