Blistering Barnacles: An A-Z of The Rants, Rambles and Rages of Captain Haddock


Explore the linguistic brilliance of Captain Haddock with Blistering Barnacles a captivating A-Z anthology by Albert Algoud. This hardback edition, presented by Farshore, meticulously compiles Haddock’s rants from Hergé’s Tintin series. With 93 pages of classic Hergé illustrations, this anthology showcases the character’s wit without veering into vulgarity.


Captain Haddock
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Dive into the world of Captain Haddock’s colourful language with Blistering Barnacles.  A A to Z collection of Haddock’s memorable rants from Hergé’s famous Tintin series complied by Albert Algoud.

The book pays tribute to Haddock’s brilliant wit. The endearing seadog, who in a rage could shout the most ridiculous  and yet stinging insults. This clever banter came about through Hergé’s close friendship with the translators, Lesley Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner.

If you need an example check out his reaction on page 43, taken from the adventure The Shooting Star!

Illustrated with classic Hergé drawings and other images. The book provides the reader with an insight to the enduring phrases that define Captain Haddock’s timeless appeal.

About this book:

  • Hardback book 93 pages
  • Printed in colour on high gloss paper
  • In the Italian style format
  • Currently published by Farshore
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You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
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