The Broken Ear


Originally published in French in 1937, with a coloured edition in 1945, and later released in English in 1975, this tale unfolds as Tintin investigates the enigmatic theft of a rare fetish, propelling him to South America. Along the way, he encounters General Alcazar, on the brink of assuming power in San Theodoros.


SnowyThomson & ThompsonTintin
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The adventure The Broken Ear appears first as a black and white edition in 1937, in French. Its revised and coloured in French in 1945. But for it to be translated into the English language we have to wait till 1975.

The story opens up with the puzzling disappearance of a valuable fetish. Important to realise this is the last time Tintin gives the outward appearance of a journalist.  This investigation leads Tintin to the intriguing country of South America. Tintin and Snowy take well to the Amazon jungle.

The Broken Ear story is particularly complex but jolly clever, hide your diamonds inside a fetish. Add some unscrupulous characters and the odd colonel here and there and you get an inventive and humorous adventure.

Check out page one, second frame, yes that’s the man himself! Coming through the door way into the museum, hat in hand, unassuming!

About the book:

  • Soft-back with gloss pages
  • 62 pages
  • Currently published by Farshore
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You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
Tintin in America