Explorers on the Moon


Explorers on the Moon originally released in French in 1952 and later in English in 1959, this adventure recounts Tintin’s space journey to the moon. Facing unexpected complications with the Thompsons aboard. Upon lunar arrival, they explore the remarkable terrain, encountering challenges on their return flight, ultimately landing safely back on Earth.


Captain HaddockProfessor CalculusSnowyThomson & ThompsonTintin
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Explorers on the Moon, the second episode to Destination Moon, first published in French in 1954.  Readers in the English language had to wait till 1959.

Explorers on the Moon continues Tintin’s remarkable expedition into space, a daring voyage to the moon. Alongside him is Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Wolff. As you read this adventure you will discover more to this thrilling story, we don’t reveal too much, its for you to find out!

Hergé created a moon scape that is evocative and poetic. An awe-inspiring and otherworldly landscape that would have made our intrepid explorers gaze in wonder.

On their return journey to planet earth many troubling incidents happen. Thankfully all are overcome and our intrepid explorers arrive home to enjoy more adventures, although they will never go further.

About this book:

  • Explorers on the Moon is the second part to Destination Moon
  • Comes in Hard and Soft cover
  • Printed on gloss paper in colour
  • 62 pages long
  • Currently published by Farshore



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