Destination Moon


Destination Moon originally published in French in 1953, later in English in 1959, this adventure sees Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock invited by Professor Calculus to the Sprodj Atomic Research Centre. There, the professor unveils his secret plans for the first space flight, proposing they join him on a journey to the moon aboard his rocket.


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Destination Moon first published in French in 1953. Translated and published into English in 1959.

Destination Moon is the first part of Hergé’s moon adventures, second part Explorers on the Moon.

Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock receive an invitation from their friend Professor Calculus to visit the Sprodj Atomic Research Centre. Within this scientific compound, Professor Calculus discloses his secret project—an ambitious endeavour to launch the first-ever space flight.

The Professor shows his trusted companions his pioneering invention. Its a rocket designed to fly to the moon and back! His invitation for them to join him takes some thinking about.

About this book:

  • First part to a two part adventure: Explorers on the Moon second part
  • Comes in Hard cover or Soft cover
  • Printed on gloss paper in colour
  • 62 pages long
  • Currently published by Farshore
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