77cm Shark Submarine Model


Note that the indicated weight of 33kg is for shipping purposes, with the actual weight of the Shark Submarine being 7.45kg.

Introducing the 77 cm Shark Submarine from “Red Rackham’s Treasure”! Professor Calculus’s impressive invention, now in larger-than-life size, played a pivotal role in the adventure. Snowy, as always, joins as a back seat passenger. Beautifully constructed, this spectacular piece sits on metal poles, giving the illusion of swimming along the seabed. Check its launch on pages 33-39 and appreciate its contribution to Marlinspike Hall’s purchase! Dimensions: 77 cm length, 22.2 cm width, 29.3 cm height. Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity.



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Step into the world of “Red Rackham’s Treasure” with the 77 cm Shark Submarine, an extraordinary creation by Professor Calculus. Originally designed to aid in the search for the Unicorn, this larger-than-life replica has become a spectacular piece for enthusiasts. Accompanied by Snowy as a back seat passenger (because when does Snowy ever take a back seat?), the submarine is a marvel of craftsmanship.

Constructed with meticulous detail, the Shark Submarine sits on metal poles, creating the illusion of gracefully swimming along the seabed. Dive into the adventure by checking out its launch on pages 33-39, and consider its historical significance—the patent sale of this invention funded the acquisition of Marlinspike Hall.

The dimensions of this masterpiece are impressive: 77 cm in length, 22.2 cm in width, and 29.3 cm in height. The material composition involves polychrome resin and metal, ensuring both authenticity and durability. Each piece is a numbered edition, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 87.5 × 37.3 × 35 cm

Polychrome Resin and Metal


77 × 22.2 × 29.3 cm

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