Tintin and Snowy Sitting on the Grass Model


Capture the suspense of “The Black Island” with the resin model of Tintin and Snowy. This beautifully crafted model depicts Tintin’s intense concentration as they sit on the grass, night-time unfolding around them. Snowy dozes, unaware of the unfolding drama. The dimensions are 23 cm wide x 19 cm long x 17.5 cm high, and the model is made of hand-painted resin. Presented in a display box, it’s a stunning addition to any Tintin collection.


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Relive the suspenseful moments from “The Black Island” with the exquisite resin model featuring Tintin and Snowy. Crafted with meticulous detail, this model captures a seemingly idyllic scene – Tintin and Snowy casually sitting on the grass. However, for Tintin, there’s no time to rest as he scans the night sky for suspicious characters.

This model stands as a testament to Hergé’s storytelling mastery, as the tranquility of the scene belies the unfolding nighttime drama depicted in the book. “The Black Island” is known for its intricate plot, involving running about, people with guns, packages dropping from the sky, and unexpected twists – all revealed as dawn breaks with a bag of money.

The dimensions of the model are 23 cm wide x 19 cm long x 17.5 cm high, providing a substantial and eye-catching addition to your Tintin collection. The hand-painted resin beautifully captures Tintin’s intense concentration and Snowy’s oblivious doze.

Presented in a display box, this model not only commemorates a specific moment from Tintin’s adventures but also adds a touch of suspense and artistry to your collection. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a Tintin enthusiast, this resin model from “The Black Island” is a stunning homage to the dynamic storytelling and beloved characters created by Hergé.

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