Le Musée Imaginaire: Oliveira da Figueira


Capture the essence of Oliveira, the clever and unassuming character from Land of Black Gold, with this delightful figure. Dressed in traditional Muslin attire, meticulously sculpted by Hergé, Oliveira stands at 34 cm. The figure, presented in a box with a certificate of authenticity, showcases Hergé’s attention to detail, from Oliveira’s expressive face to his comfortable shoes and captivating storytelling demeanor.

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Immerse yourself in the charm of Oliveira, the clever and resourceful character from Land of Black Gold, with this beautifully crafted figure. Standing at 34 cm, Oliveira comes to life in intricate detail, dressed in traditional Muslin attire, including a Thawb and Taqiyah—a Muslin skullcap, showcasing Hergé’s meticulous observations.

From Oliveira’s expressive face, adorned with distinctive eyebrows and a finely crafted moustache, to his comfortable and characteristic shoes, every element of this figure reflects Hergé’s love for capturing unique personalities. Oliveira’s storytelling demeanor is perfectly encapsulated, making this figure not just a collectible but a true feast for the eyes.

Presented in a box with a certificate of authenticity, this figure pays homage to Hergé’s artistic genius and his ability to create memorable characters. Bring Oliveira’s wit and charm into your Tintin collection, celebrating the enduring magic of Hergé’s storytelling.

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