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Tintin in America


Originally published in black and white in French in 1934, later coloured in 1945.

And introduced in English in 1978, this narrative transports Tintin to Prohibition-era Chicago, confronting the notorious Al Capone. Tracking gangsters leads Tintin to the Wild West, where he narrowly escapes peril at the hands of manipulated Native Americans. Tintin dismantles a powerful criminal syndicate, bringing them to justice. Present editions differ between publishers like Egmont and Farshore, showcasing varied cover illustrations.


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This adventure Tintin in America finds our boy reporter arriving in Chicago and coming face to face with the notorious gangster Al Capone. Accordingly the country of America gives Hergé a rich landscape. Consequently allowing Tintin a big scope for adventure.

As the story unfolds Tintin finds himself in the wild west, looking very dashing in his cowboy outfit. Snowy plays a handy side kick rescuing Tintin on a particular occasions.

Hergé gets to show America as portrayed by Hollywood, greedy, corrupt and fully automated. And Tintin rises to this leaving its shores a “cleaner” place. Tintin in America finds Hergé finding his formula for our hero and his companion Snowy!

About this book:

  • First published in black and white in French in 1932
  • Published in colour in French in 1946
  • Published in English in colour in 1978
  • Currently published by Farshore
  • Soft-back with gloss paper 62 pages
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You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
Tintin in America