Thomson Syldavian Costume Figure


For the full story, read “Destination Moon” featuring this figure. The Thompsons sport Greek, not Syldavian, costumes, adding flair to their dashing outfits, especially the shoes! Crafted from hand-painted poly resin, presented in a cello tube.

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Delve into the full story by exploring “Destination Moon,” which introduces this intriguing figure. The Thompsons, albeit mistakenly believing they don Syldavian costumes, actually flaunt Greek attire, adding a unique flair to their dashing outfits. Notably, the attention-grabbing element lies in their stylish shoes!

Crafted with precision from hand-painted poly resin, the figure encapsulates the essence of the characters in intricate detail. The ensemble is thoughtfully presented in a cello tube, ensuring its preservation and providing an elegant display option for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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