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A comprehensive set of 23 hardback books encompassing Tintin’s adventures, available in both English and French. Excluding ‘Tintin in the Congo/Tintin au Congo,’ this collection spans from ‘Tintin in the Land of the Soviets’ to ‘Tintin and Alph Art.’ Notably, while some titles credit Egmont, the majority feature Farshore as the publisher.


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This impressive collection comprises 23 hardback books chronicling the captivating adventures of Tintin, available in both English and French editions. Spanning from the inaugural escapade, ‘Tintin in the Land of the Soviets,’ to the unfinished masterpiece, ‘Tintin and Alph Art,’ this comprehensive set offers a complete immersion into the compelling world of Hergé’s iconic character.

It’s important to note the absence of ‘Tintin in the Congo/Tintin au Congo’ within this collection. Despite this exclusion, the anthology encompasses a rich tapestry of Tintin’s escapades, showcasing his ventures across diverse landscapes and scenarios, from thrilling expeditions to encounters with enigmatic figures and unearthing mysteries that traverse continents and cultures.

While the majority of titles prominently credit Farshore as the publisher, it’s worth mentioning that a few titles still attribute Egmont as the publisher. Nevertheless, this set remains a testament to Tintin’s enduring legacy, encapsulating the evolution and adventures of the beloved character from his earliest exploits to the tantalising, unfinished final chapter penned by Hergé.

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