Professor Calculus: Science’s Forgotten Genius


Professor Calculus: Science’s Forgotten Genius. Celebrate the 80th anniversary of Professor Calculus with Albert Algoud’s captivating book. Algoud’s homage delves into Calculus’s inventions, real-life inspirations, and his evolution over the decades. An immersive journey for Tintin enthusiasts, it reaffirms the enduring allure of Hergé’s Tintin series.


Professor Calculus

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Embark on a joyful celebration of Professor Calculus’s 80th anniversary with Albert Algoud’s enchanting book, Professor Calculus: Science’s Forgotten Genius.

Albert Algoud’s book takes readers on an immersive exploration of Professor Calculus’s world. Revealing the character’s many inventions, discoveries, and the real-life inspirations that influenced Hergé’s creation. This comprehensive volume goes beyond anecdotes, offering insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the evolution of one of Hergé’s most cherished characters.

About this book:

  • Hard back in Italian Format
  • Printed on gloss paper in colour
  • 104 pages long
  • Currently published by Farshore

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