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Land of Black Gold


Originally released in French in 1950 and later in English in 1972, this adventure follows Tintin’s pursuit of a mysterious chemical enhancing petrol’s explosive power, leading him to Khemed. Confronting his adversary, Doctor Müller, Tintin must rescue Abdullah, the kidnapped son of the Emir, in a story filled with bravery.


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The adventure Land of Black Gold is published in French in 1950. And in 1972 its translated and published in English.

Tintin in detective mode investigates an unusual chemical that when added to petrol makes it highly explosive. In the wrong hands this could be disastrous. This leads him to the country of Khemed where he comes face to face again with one of his arch enemies. This time he’s going under the name of Doctor Müller.

Its a fast pace, the Land of Black Gold adventure with old friends making welcome appearances, Senhor Oliveira! Amidst the swirling intrigue and danger its Tintin’s mission to rescue Abdullah.  The kidnapped son of Khemed’s Emir, from the clutches of Doctor Müller’s evil schemes. Thankfully all works out well, well sort of!

About this book:

  • Soft cover with colour gloss paper
  • 62 pages long
  • Currently published by Farshore
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