Young Artists Tintin in Tibet recreation

  • Young Artist Recreates Tintin in Tibet
  • Young Artist Recreates Tintin in Tibet

Hold onto your snowshoes, folks, because a budding Hergé is among us! Cal, our very own creative adventurer, has crafted a stunning page, a “Tintin in Tibet” recreation (you can check the book out here!) leaving us speechless with admiration.

Capturing the essence of Tintin is no easy feat, but Cal tackles it with the confidence and skill of a seasoned explorer. Each line hums with the spirit of Hergé’s masterpiece, from the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes to Tintin’s determined expression as he faces the unknown.

Thank you, Cal, for sharing your incredible Tintin in Tibet recreation and talent with the world! You’ve not only impressed us with your artistic prowess, but also reminded us of the sheer power of imagination and courage that lies within us all.

Keep that creative fire burning, and who knows, you might just be the next Tintin, leading us on breathtaking adventures with your brush and pen!

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Left or right, it's all the same to me you know...
Captain Haddock, Tintin in Tibet