The Luxor Ford Tow Truck Model


In the latest release from the Moulinsart/Hachette collaboration series, this 1/24 scale vehicle captures a comical mishap from “The Crab with the Golden Claws.” Tintin and Snowy inadvertently find themselves going backward when they realize they’ve commandeered a car attached to a tow truck. The detailed model, showcased in a Perspex case, includes a bilingual brochure and highlights the adventure on page 44 C3 of the comic.

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Explore the latest addition to the Moulinsart/Hachette collaboration series – a meticulously crafted 1/24 scale vehicle capturing a humorous moment from “The Crab with the Golden Claws.” Imagine the surprise as Tintin and Snowy, featured in exquisite detail, unwittingly take control of a car only to discover it’s hitched to a tow truck, prompting a hilarious backward journey.

Encased in a transparent Perspex case, the model is not only a collector’s delight but also a narrative piece, showcasing the mishap found on page 44 C3 of the comic. The case features a design highlighting the adventurous scene, accompanied by a bilingual brochure in both French and English.

Constructed from painted metal with elements of resin and plastic, this unique piece of art captures the essence of the beloved Tintin series. The box dimensions, measuring 28 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm, ensure a prominent display. Delve into the world of Tintin with this captivating model, where every detail tells a story of unexpected turns and delightful discoveries.

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