The Green Gangsters’ Car Model


Own a piece of Tintin history with the Green Gangsters’ Car from Tintin in America. This 1/24 scale diecast model by Moulinsart, in collaboration with Hachette, is a larger-than-life recreation of the iconic green car featured in the story. Its sun-like shine and impeccable detailing bring the thrilling scenes from Hergé’s masterful pen strokes to life.



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Step into the thrilling world of Tintin in America with the Green Gangsters’ Car, a key element in the story as the gangsters pretend to be police officers. Moulinsart, in collaboration with Hachette, brings you an impressive 1/24 scale diecast model that magnificently captures the essence of this iconic vehicle.

Originally part of the 2008 1/43 scale model collection created with Editions Atlas, this new series from Moulinsart offers a larger, more detailed version of these classic cars. With a sun-like shine and meticulous detailing, the Green Gangsters’ Car stands out as a testament to Hergé’s artistic brilliance.

The diecast model is presented in a Perspex case, adorned with a design that highlights the adventurous spirit of Tintin in America. The collector’s experience is further enriched with a bilingual brochure in French and English, providing insights into the significance of this model in the Tintin universe.

Material: Painted metal with resin and plastic.

Box Dimension: 26 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm

Scale 1:24

You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
Tintin in America