The Blue Morris 6 Car Model


Explore Hergé’s automotive fascination with the latest 1/24 scale Morris 6, a highlight in the Moulinsart/Hachette collaboration series. Featured in “Land of Black Gold,” this classic car played a pivotal role in a thrilling adventure, transporting partisans who kidnap Tintin. The model is presented in a Perspex case with an adventurous design, accompanied by a bilingual brochure in French and English.

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Indulge in Hergé’s passion for automobiles with the newest addition to the Moulinsart/Hachette collaboration series – the 1/24 scale Morris 6. Reflecting Hergé’s appreciation for both British and American cars, this classic vehicle takes centre stage, chosen to transport partisans involved in the thrilling adventure of kidnapping Tintin.

Page 18 B3 of “Land of Black Gold” sets the stage for this captivating scene, where the Morris 6 becomes a key element in the unfolding drama. The model, crafted from painted metal with resin and plastic components, is a homage to Hergé’s keen eye for detail.

Encased in a Perspex case with a design highlighting the excitement of the adventure, this collector’s item stands at 28 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm. The bilingual brochure in French and English enhances the experience, offering deeper insights into the historical and artistic significance of this classic car and its role in Tintin’s escapades.

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