The Art of Hergé Volume 2


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The Art of Hergé – Inventor of Tintin

By Philippe Goddin

Translated and edited by Michael Farr

The second in a three volume series and covers the years 1937 – 1949, a fascinating period in the artist’s career. It marks the maturity of Hergé, in 1937 he was only 30, but he had laid down enough markers to lay claim to his future territory, the strip cartoon.

It was during this period that he began to render the adventures of Tintin in colour.

The Art of Hergé is a selection of Hergé’s outstanding, often unpublished drawings showing the diversity of his work and offering the reader a view of the range of his talent.

Size 22.5 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm  207 pages

Laminate Hardback Book

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