Tharkey Figure


Join Tintin on a journey of courage and friendship with the Tharkey figurine from “Tintin in Tibet.” This 12 cm figurine, crafted from hand-painted Polyresin, embodies the spirit of bravery and serves as a guide for Tintin in his quest to find his friend Chang, a victim of an air crash in Nepal.

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Presented in a cello tube, this figurine not only captures the essence of the adventure but also pays homage to the enduring themes of camaraderie in Hergé’s storytelling. The meticulous detailing and craftsmanship reflect the quality associated with Tintin collectibles, making this figurine a meaningful addition to any Tintin enthusiast’s collection. Whether you’re reliving the adventure or appreciating the symbolic representation of courage, Tharkey stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of Tintin’s world.

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