Snowy Demon Figure


Discover the mischievous side of Snowy with this charming figurine from Tintin in Tibet. Snowy takes on a devilish persona, caught in the age-old temptation between a bone and an SOS. Crafted from hand-painted polyresin, this delightful piece stands at 6 cm and comes presented in a cello tube, adding a playful touch to your Tintin collection.



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Unveil the mischievous charm of Snowy with the Snowy as a Demon figurine, inspired by the beautiful adventure Tintin in Tibet. In this endearing portrayal, Snowy finds himself in a timeless dilemma – bone or SOS. The figurine, standing at 6 cm, captures the playful essence of this classic moment from the Tintin series.

Crafted from hand-painted polyresin, the attention to detail brings Snowy’s devilish persona to life, making it a delightful addition for Tintin enthusiasts. This charming piece is presented in a cello tube, ensuring its safety and adding a touch of whimsy to your Tintin collection.

Whether you’re a devoted Tintin fan or simply appreciate the playful antics of Snowy, this figurine showcases the enduring appeal of Hergé’s storytelling and adds a touch of character to your Tintin memorabilia.

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