Haddock Sword Figure


A charming depiction of Captain Haddock, embodying his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock in a comical yet spirited re-enactment. Hand-painted in polyresin, this figurine captures the essence of the iconic scene from The Secret of the Unicorn on page 13 D1-3. Standing at 12 cm, it portrays Haddock in a fierce standoff, sword drawn, as his flat’s door is dramatically broken down. A delightful addition for Tintin enthusiasts.


Captain Haddock
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Indulge in the whimsical world of Tintin with this hand-painted polyresin figurine featuring Captain Haddock embracing his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock. Recreating a memorable scene from The Secret of the Unicorn on page 13 D1-3, this charming portrayal depicts Haddock in a comical yet spirited standoff. In the midst of too much rum, he confronts Tintin, his landlady, and a bewildered locksmith, sword drawn and ready for action as the door to his modest flat is dramatically broken down. Standing at a height of 12 cm, this figurine captures the iconic moment with exquisite detail. Presented in a cello tube, it’s a delightful and collectible piece for Tintin aficionados.

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You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
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