Polyresin Figure of Chang


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Here we have a delightful figure of Chang Chong-Chen. Chang is such a familiar character that its surprising we only meet him on page 43 in the adventure The Blue Lotus. A lot has happened to Tintin and Snowy during this adventure and Chang adds even more excitement to the journey eventually ending up in Shanghai!

It is evident from the sequence of events from that point onwards that their bond of friendship is lifelong. And so on the page in real life Chang was a friend of Hergé and inspired the character. He also also introduced the young designer to beautiful unknown lands, between lessons in drawing, calligraphy and oriental wisdom.

This figure exactly as Hergé had drawn, little green top, slightly short black pants, yellow slipper like shoes, and of course that mop of black hair, will make you smile with pleasure.

Material: Hand painted Polyresin

Dimensions: 12 cm

Presented in cello tube.

In stock

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You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
Tintin in America