Le Musée Imaginaire: The Chorten


Bring the spirit of Tibet into your collection with this Chorten resin replica from Tintin in Tibet. Standing at 28 cm tall, this hand-painted piece captures the essence of the Himalayas and the adventures of Tintin.

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Embark on a spiritual journey with the Chorten resin replica inspired by Tintin’s adventure in Tibet. Standing tall at 28 cm, this intricately hand-painted piece faithfully recreates the funeral monument encountered by Tintin, Haddock, and Sherpa Tharkey during their ascent of the Himalayas. The Chorten, also known as Stupa, holds cultural significance, preserving the ashes of revered Lamas. This numbered edition collectible is part of the Musée Imaginaire series, featuring characters and objects from Hergé’s iconic poster for the 1979 exhibition. Presented in an elegant box with a certificate of authenticity, it’s a must-have for Tintin enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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