Adult Grey ‘Captain Haddock Insults’ T-Shirt


Get ready for a touch of Captain Haddock’s grumpy charm with our Grey T-shirt. Featuring his iconic scowl on the front and a cheeky list of his favorite swearwords on the back, this 100% Cotton tee is made in Portugal and designed in Belgium. Available in various sizes, the shirt offers both style and a playful nod to Tintin’s beloved character.

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Captain Haddock
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Indulge in the grumpy charisma of Captain Haddock with our Grey T-shirt. The front showcases Haddock looking his irritable self, capturing the essence of his character. Flip to the back, and you’ll find a witty list of his favorite swearwords, adding a playful touch to the design.

Crafted from 100% Cotton, this T-shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a delightful expression of Tintin’s world. Made in Portugal and designed in Belgium, it combines quality craftsmanship with a nod to the beloved Belgian comic series.

Note that the sizes in this range are slightly smaller than before, offering a snug fit for Tintin enthusiasts of all ages.

Choose this Grey T-shirt for a blend of comfort, style, and a delightful dose of Captain Haddock’s grumpy humor.

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You can’t escape my friend! I’ll truss you like a turkey!
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