Tribute to Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper

When you open one of Tintin’s adventure stories do you ever read that Imprint Page?

Well, it is there that you will see the name Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper, and Michael Turner. They were the determined young translators of the Tintin books into English way back in the 1950’s!

Leslie died earlier this month at the age of ninety-seven! She was a friend, a powerhouse of encouragement. I learnt so much from her, she gave me the confidence to follow through with my “crazy” ideas, would always be involved as much as she could.

When we took on the translation of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets she set out a plan of action. Told me what was required for her and Michael to get on with the job. Requesting from Casterman blank dummy books where she would carefully layout the text in English. She was a joy to work with. Not keen she sniffed when we did Tintin in the Congo, but nevertheless did it, happy we chose to do it in black and white rather than the later colour edition. She was so wise!

So next time you open your Tintin book look at that page and offer thanks to an amazing woman.

Leslie, we send you on your way with our love and gratitude for your legacy, The Tintin Shop would not exist without your sterling contribution.

Jane and the Team at The Tintin Shop London