To direct our minds away from the situation we find ourselves in now let us look at The Calculus Affair. This classic Cold War drama is just what we need. The power struggle in this adventure made even more real by the exquisite drawings, Hergé at his best! His frames become sets as he adopts a more film like approach, he had shown us in the past that he rather liked this style. In this story he really explores it, the intricate drawings making us linger on the frame long after we have taken in the text. There are many, too many so I am choosing page 14 C1 as Captain Haddock Tintin and Snowy enter the absent Professor Calculus’s laboratory. You really get the tension, what are we looking at, all three’s faces are a picture of …what the heck is going on here….

This astounding story is just the ticket, pull it off the bookshelf, settle back and be drawn into intrigue, deception and yes even an opera….

The Calculus Affair album available in hardback and softback