Les aventures de TINTIN Reporter chez les Soviets – Limited Coloured Edition


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This luxurious edition of les aventures de Tintin Reporter chez les Soviets is something you will treasure. Its cover evokes the adventurous spirit Hergé instilled in his brave character, Tintin. The end papers are that inky blue, and unlike the normal edition the pages are heavy art paper, which gives a luminosity to the new colour drawings. The BOUM and the CRAC on pages 8 and 9 explode on the page.

The use of this palette of colours highlights the way Hergé beautifully balanced each frame, pages 8 and 9 illustrate this. The colour choice is reminiscent of Benjamin Rabier and suits the original drawings of Hergé.

First published in 1929, the newspaper Petit Vingtième sends its cub reporter, Tintin, on his first story to the USSR. Here he discovers the other side of the communist “Paradise” and escapes the traps set by the secret police.

This limited edition version includes a screenprint of a page not published in this book, and denotes the number of the print run.

137 pages plus 20 pages of preface by Philippe Goddin

Printed on semi gloss art paper

Limited Edition of 50000

Shrink wrapped Coloured French Hardback

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