Tintin au Pays des Soviets – Coloured Hardback Album


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Well it’s here, and it’s a surprising delight!

The cover is astounding, we have all admired that car, seen here in colour, we can see why. As you open the book the end papers are a little puzzling, it’s all in black and white…but wait there in the left hand corner we have a Russian disguised Tintin, in colour….so this is where it begins….

At each turn of the crisp pages we get mini colorful stories, the use of this palette of colours highlights the way Hergé beautifully balanced each frame. Check out page 62 to see it illustrated. The colour choice is reminiscent of Benjamin Rabier and sits nicely with the original drawings of Hergé.

First published in 1929, the newspaper Petit Vingtième sends its cub reporter, Tintin, on his first story to the USSR. Here he discovers the other side of the communist “Paradise” and escapes the traps set by the secret police.

Okay its only in French, but it’s so pleasing to look at it does not hinder your enjoyment.

French Coloured Hardback 137 pages

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